About Us

This Is Why We Believe Every Hood Desrves A Garden.

To grow your own food, and provide for yourself, is nothing short of a revolutionary act in today’s world. 

The benefits are so monumental, and flow into all areas of your life, that it is surprising to hear so many people say they just don’t have the time to garden. Localizing food production, by bringing it into each and every household, has tremendous effects on your sense of wellbeing, connection and sovereignty.

Spiritually you ground yourself into life itself, rooting yourself with the connection to everything that is real and good about life. Flowing with life force, and creation, your life will change.

Eating organic, wholesome, non GMO food, your life will change. Being connected to where your food comes from and responsible for creating it, is life changing. Indigenous peoples have this strong connection with the land and the source of their food, and many more traditional cultures across the world ensure that their family has the ability to grow their own food, be it with a little rice paddy behind their home, or a vegetable garden beside their business.

It provides Independence, a Spiritual